Sunday, February 20, 2005


We each sent out emails to our friends to break the news to them.

I sent out an email containing a link to the scan picture, but saying only that “this [picture] is our greatest piece of creative work ever captured on camera”.

Hayley sent out a more direct "we have big news, go to our website" sort of email.


Some responses to Steve's email:

"Definitely! Not what I was expecting to see; not sure what I was
expecting to see - something to do with Mountain BIkes / Routes /
Czech Holiday pictures I guess, but that was defiintely worth logging
on for. Congratulations - so there is lead in the old Socialist Pencil after all -
I always presumed that you were a bit like President Tony's
promises in that department :-)"

"Wow! Brilliant news. When's the due date? Aug/Septish? Remember if the little darling can be squeezed out in Aug you save a years nursery fees etc!! Get as much sleep as you can in the meantime given that youre not getting any younger!"

"That's brilliant - congratulations! ...doesn't look much like you though :-) ...or Hayley come to think of it. Got to be the most important thing you can do - hope I do it one day too. Good work Steve."

"Wow what fantastic news! I must say I am not surprised, I was thinking about you both last week and wondering when the big day was going to be. I must have had a premonition. I really am absolutely delighted for you both, as the pic emerged I went all goose pimply and tearful."

"Congratulations, Well Done, I bet your really Happy. No wonder you've been skipping to work and back."


Some reponses to Hayley's email:

"OH Hayley - I am so happy for you - I don't know what to say! If anyone was ever designed to be a parent, it is you. You are going to be a fabulous mommy.... Oh I'm just so tickled for you sweetie."

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is soo exciting. When is the baby due??? How is Steve? I am sure you both are super excited."

"OH MY GOODNESS....CONGRATULATIONS, I'm soo happy for you. You will be a great mum..What's the time difference between us, I want to call you (from work of course)...I'm soo happy for you Hayley, I want to cry!"

"Hayley, That is fantastic news. I am so happy for you and Steve. You really have come a long way my dear. You had to deal with some tough blows in life, but look how you ended up, with such joy and happiness. I am thrilled for you."