Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Baby Mozart

As I type this I am sitting listening to Mozart’s clarinet concerto in A: one of my favourite pieces of music. And judging by the Classic FM “Hall Of Fame” it is the favourite of many other people too as it came in at about number 3.

Apparently babies like Mozart too. It is probably common knowledge by now that listening to Mozart is meant to increase a baby’s IQ by a few points. There are also several CDs of Mozart’s music specifically designed to be played to be babies. Perhaps the bext known of these is "Baby Mozart" from the Baby Einstein company. A visit to Amazon to read reviews of these products reveals parents who swear by them. Stories abound of babies who would normally cry the house down cooing gently as they fall asleep to the sounds of the Viennese genius. This is said to be especially true if they were played the music in the womb, but who knows.

As a bit of a Mozart fan I’ve greatly enjoyed the increased time we’ve had with Mozart playing around the house since his music became a topic of conversation in our house. Last Sunday we spent an idyllic evening lazing on the sofa listening to a CD of Mozart highlights. I don't know whether all 3 of us were listening but it's a nice thought. And I suspect that once our bump becomes our baby such tranquil evenings will fast become a fond memory.