Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Once more into the...


At every visit to the midwife we have been told the baby is "head down" and in the right position. Today the midwife came out to see us for Hayley's 36 week home visit and announced after her examination that she is 80% sure the baby is breach. Hayley will now have an ultrasound scan on Thursday to determine whether he/she is breach and whether it is likely to be possible to turn him/her. If he/she doesn't turn then Hayley will have a planned C-section.

We were shocked at this turn of events. And disappointed. We had been busily looking forward to a normal delivery. Today when Hayley saw the physiotherapist - who said how very supple and ready for labour she was - she showed us the birthing pool. The midwife also told us how the birth would occur in the water (if the baby does turn). Hayley would actually see the baby come out and pick the baby out of the water and hold it to her immediately. I know you can't guarantee how these things go but after talking through the birth plan it all sounded like it could be a great experience. The contrast of major abdominal surgery and a sheet blocking Hayley's view is much less appealing.

Hayley has been doing all the right things with regard to her sitting position and has been doing lots of appropriate exercise (aqua-natal, yoga) that should have helped avoid a breach position. So I can't help feeling this is all a little "unfair" on her.

I think she also feels the experience of labour is being stolen from her, even though she has been looking forward to it with a little trepidation.

More practically, this will mean a slower recovery for Hayley, more difficulty breast-feeding and a general lack of mobility for her. But there is still a chance we can turn the baby or he/she will turn of their own accord.

Of course to put this all in perspective the outcome should still be good for mother and baby. And we still feel blessed to be having this baby. In the great scheme of things this is a minor hiccup. I'm sure this is just the first of many plans we make for our child that doesn't turn out exactly as we had hoped. It's probably a valuable early lesson.