Tuesday, May 08, 2007


When Hayley was pregnant with Oliver I saw a programme about pregnancy from the baby's point of view. It mentioned how after birth the baby can recognise music heard in the womb. During the clip it played "Run" by Snow Patrol.

It sounds daft perhaps, but Hayley and I used to sing to Oliver a lot when before he was born. And this song always reminds me of those times and of him as a baby, how much I loved and cherished this vulnerable little bundle of life. It quite brings out the old softy in me.

So tonight when I decided to find out what heck the song was about anyway, I was surprised to find this explanation from the band themselves.

"It's really about family. It's wanting to protect them from all the people in the world that want to destroy. It's about running away and keeping them safe not about fighting which perpetuates the violent cycle. It's a hopeful song."