Thursday, December 13, 2007

D Flawless


Lucy Diamond we call her. And a D flawless diamond is about as good as they get. Well, that's what I should call her right now. Poor Lucy hardly seems to get a mention in this blog. And do you know why? Because she is just about the most perfect little 4 month old girl you could imagine.

As if sleeping through all night and smiling all day weren't enough, she is good as gold wherever she goes and at home is content playing, chatting or just being carried around in her sling. In fact she loves that sling best of all. She gets to be close to her Mummy and also to see everything that is going on.

In the evenings after Oliver goes to bed, she seems to sense it is her time and that's the only time she is at all demanding. She is content with a few hugs in the day, but in the evening she often insists on falling asleep on Mummy, sometimes, like this evening, as soon as she has finished her milk. Then once asleep, she lies contented on the sofa under her little pink blanket. That's where she is right now, still wearing her bib (see picture above).

In a few minutes we'll take her up for her last feed, then she'll go off to sleep without complaint, just like every night.

That's Lucy. My D flawless diamond.


Donna said...

Fingers crossed, she carries on like this! My great-nephew is nearly 5 months old, and like Lucy, he's a delight. Breaks my heart to think he'll be as irritating as his pa when he grows up ;)

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