Friday, October 17, 2008

Scaping shoes (The start of pester power?)

From the moment Oliver woke this morning he started asking me whether he could have some "scaping shoes". At first I had visions of the little man climbing out of a window or running from the law after a bank robbery (though these days all the "bank robbers" seem to be on the other side of the counter).

But no, it seems he means "skating shoes", those fancy shoes some kids have with built-in wheels. Given that I couldn't see a good outcome to such a purchase, I fended off his requests by saying that they probably only make them for big boys and girls. Unfortunately I often tell him he's a big boy, it tends to help legitimise my requests that he not mimic Lucy's wailing or hit her over the head for fun. So he came straight back at me with "But I'm a big boy Daddy, so can I have some scaping shoes like the other boys and girls?"

It was this last bit about "like the other boys and girls" that struck home. He has often coveted a friend's toy, usually temporarily, but never has he burdened me with the guilt that "other boys and girls" in general have the object of his desire. He was so sweet about it that it was all I could do not to promise him a pair on the spot, but seeing as that could spell tears and disappointment tomorrow I resisted.

It's just another small signal that he is growing up and becoming aware of the world around him. I just hope it doesn't happen too fast.

I've told him we'll ask about these shoes when we go to the shoes shop to check his feet in his current shoes. Tonight he added another requirement to his intended purchase. "We'll get some pink ones Daddy. Pink scaping shoes." I should have seen that one coming!


Anonymous said...

o be fair, I want some skating shoes too.

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