Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who's a silly billy?

This afternoon Oliver was round at his friend Cara's house with Hayley and Lucy. As is more often the case these days, he went upstairs to play in his friend's room. (Sometimes he'll even tell the grown-ups to stay downstairs for good measure.)

After a while Cara came downstairs sniffing and upset.
"What's the matter Cara?" asked her mum.
"Oliver called me a silly billy."
So Hayley shouted up the stairs to Oliver who duly came to the top of the stairs.
"Oliver did you say something to go Cara?"
"Yes. I called her a silly billy?"
"Oh. Why did you call her that?"
"Because she wouldn't get into bed with me."

It turns out that Cara has a three-quarter size double bed and he wanted her to pretend to go sleep, as he does sometimes in our big bed.

You can get away with that sort of thing aged three.


Alice said...


(I can just imagine how hard it must of been for your lovely Hayley to keep a straight face)

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