Friday, May 01, 2009

Daddy and Oliver time

Mmmmm... chocolate.

Last month Lucy and I had a little Friday afternoon trip to our local Polish deli. So this afternoon when I picked up Oliver from nursery I evened things up by taking him there for a snack.

He chose chocolate cake (no surprise there) and some water while I had carrot cake and a cup of tea. He was in a great mood after seemingly having had a fun time at nursery, playing with his friend, pretending to be Power Rangers. In an uncharacteristic bout of giving out information he also mentioned soft play (in the soft play room), singing and dancing. He didn't tell me exactly what he had for lunch but judging from the front of his jumper tomato sauce was involved. (He mentioned "bacon sauce"!)

The staff were friendly and we all chatted away as Oliver and I devoured our snacks. Afterwards I carried him off on my shoulders, something he always loves.

It was a tiny trip, but it's always nice to seize the opportunity of a little special one-to-one time with my boy.


Oliver decides to show me his knee which apparently had got a bit wet. (It was raining outside.)