Monday, September 21, 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 2)

  • I cycled to work today.

  • Today, like every day for about the last week, was dry and at least occasionally sunny. And tomorrow looks about the same!

  • When I came home tonight I looked through the window at my family having dinner. As soon as Lucy noticed me she shouted "Daddyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" at the top of her voice, quickly followed by Oliver.

  • After dinner this evening Oliver sat on the table next to the TV in his Superman outfit eating an apple, watching Mama Mia and singing along with some gusto. I went over and put my arm round him and he hugged my cheek to his as he sang.

  • Before leaving for work this morning Hayley told Lucy that her dolly (another one she's named "Mama") needed changing. Lucy laid her on the little doll's quilt and changed the (size 1) nappy that she had on. She also feeds her dolls and sings to them. For all that her way of communicating can involve screaming at times, she is a very, very loving little girl.

  • At the end of every bath, when Oliver gets out, he plays what is now a very well established standing joke. I kneel down and lift him from the bath. Before I can get the towel round him he starts to climb onto my knees with his feet before wrapping his arms and legs around me. As I ask him in mock horor "what are you doing, you'll get me all wet?", he says laughing, "I'm just giving you a hug". Hugs are never refused in our house. Consequently he semi-soaks me, but every time he does it I can't help laughing. It shouldn't be funny by now but the joy of his laughter and of that big hug are still funny to both of us.

  • Lucy likes to help. This includes helping me shave with my electric shaver, making a cup of tea, buttering toast and carrying a very heavy bag of fish and chips all the way to the car last Friday, telling me sternly "My do it!" every time I tried to help even a little.

  • Oliver seems to be looking forward to his third session at his new nursery tomorrow which includes taking a packed lunch.

  • Hayley is loving watching the concluding episode of "Waking The Dead" on telly tonight.

  • Seeing me sitting next to Oliver this evening on the sofa, Lucy was not content until she had first positioned herself on the other side and then on my lap, facing away from me. She then played a game which first involved lying back on my shoulder so her hair and face were next to mine, before rolling off me onto the sofa when I tickled her. This game was repeated for some time.

  • Oliver loves a back-scratch.

  • Lucy loves drinking (very diluted) tea.

  • I can go to bed tonight grateful for a happy, healthy family, tucked up safely in our own home.