Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The only way is up


"What is this dark and forbidding place", I hear you ask. That, my friends, is part of my commute home, along the River Mersey. And though this is a terrible picture it does illustrate quite clearly the snowy weather we are experiencing this week.

I post it simply because I wanted to record that despite the chill weather I cycled to work this week, including on the shortest day of the year.

This is less to boast to the world and more to remind myself (should I read this in the summer months) that not only is it achievable but in fact is rather enjoyable. The frozen ground means there is no mud (so I took my "summer" route) and the sound of snow under tyres is really rather satisfying. It's too cold to get very sweaty and the morning sunshine lifts the spirits. The evening darkness merely adds to the atmosphere.

And from here on in the days get progressively longer as we edge back toward summertime. The only way is up (and I wasn't even feeling down).