Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Eat my shoes!

Do you like my sneakers?

I love these pictures of Oliver, taken on Saturday morning at the park. In this first one we get a close-up of his new summer footwear, a pair of trainers.

He rode all the way to the park on his new trike, which was pushed and steered by Daddy. Once there he had lots of fun on the swings, slide and a kind of rope bridge that is much too big for him and required as much concentration and effort from me as from him to make sure he didn't fall off.

I think recent pictures start to show how he is looking more like Hayley. When he was born everyone said he looked like me, but these days I think that's changing. More and more people are pointing out to us that he looks like his Mummy. When I took him to see Dave and Hayley recently they both independently called him "little Hayley". And almost daily I find myself saying to him "you look more like your Mummy every day".

Mummy is flavour of the month right now. Gone are the days when Mummy was forgotten once I got home and he would turn to her and say "bye bye". Yesterday evening I came home to find him reading with her, cuddling up and bringing books to her even when I offered to read them,. Hayley reckons he was more attentive to her than he had been all day, so maybe he was making a point to me about getting home for the last half hour before bedtime and then expecting him to want my attention.

Having said that he does still like to have me get him up in the mornings and if Hayley goes in he repeats "Dada, Dada..." until I appear. All of which is very unlike the evening when he repeats, "Mama, mama, mama" as his bedtime approaches and he looks forward to his milk which he much prefers with Mummy. So it seems we have been allocated our times of the day!

Tonight when I got home he was in such a great mood. He was sitting in his high chair having his dinner. When he saw me he shouted "Dadaaaaa". So I shouted back "Oliverrrrr". He thought this hilarious and shouted "Dadaaaa" again to solicit another "Oliverrrrr" from me. This persisted for several minutes whilst I simultaneously conducted a conversation with Hayley. I'm sure it must look like a madhouse to some, but you get used to it.

Laughing boy