Sunday, May 21, 2006

Backside 1080's (and other nocturnal habits)

Every night before we go to bed we sneak into Oliver's room and take a peek at him (usually stealing a sneaky peck on his cheek). Often he will be lying on his side, holding Julien, with his feet up against the vertical bars on the side of his cot. It doesn't look all that comfortable but he seems to like it.

In the night we can sometimes hear him wriggling around to get comfortable. Sometimes after hearing him turning in the night, one of us will go in to find him starting to turn across his cot, so we straighten him up. Consequently it's no real surprise when we go into his room some mornings to find his head at the foot of the bed having turned right through 180 degrees.

But last night I made a discovery. I went in to see him at around 4am. He was asleep but already lying with his head to the foot of the bed. He was comfortable so I left him that way. Three hours later, when I went to get him up, his head was back at the head of the bed! If I hadn't been in to see him in the night I'd have assumed he had stayed that way all night.

This set me to wondering exactly how many rotations he completes in his nocturnal wrestling with Julien. It give a whole new meaning to the term "backside 1080". Maybe it's an omen that I should start saving for his first snowboard right now.


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Reservoir Mog said...

how old will he be before he can do extreme ironing?

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