Thursday, May 04, 2006

Scotland's greatest export

The BBC's channel for babies and toddlers is CBeebies. It has many wonderful programmes (that I am sure to discuss here in the future) but one of Oliver's favourites is Balamory. Actually, I say it's Oliver's favourite, Hayley reckons I enjoy it about as much as he does. Oliver certainly loves the music in it and stops whatever he is doing when he hears it come on.

I'd love to know where the real Balamory is. It certainly exists in some form, complete with it coloured houses. I suspect it is probably something of a tourist hot-spot with young families. I'm not convinced that pink castle is real though!


Reservoir Mog said...

The real Balamory is Tobermory, on the island of Mull, , see for more info.

Reservoir Mog said...

And I've just realised, 'Scotland's Greatest Export??' What about Scott Gilhooly??

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