Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You're a tease!

Oliver loves teasing us at the moment. Mostly he does it with food. He'll hold out a piece of food such as a piece of toast and then when we reach out for it he will take it away and eat it himself, smiling and sometimes adding in a chuckle for good measure.

At baby sign he did the same thing with a toy. He held it out to a little girl and when she reached out for it he quickly withdrew it and laghed his new characteristic little laugh: "Aaaaah ha ha!" (The emphasis is on the first "ha"!)

He even teases us about getting out of the bath. He holds his hands up to be lifted out when withdraws them when we reach down to him, laughing and splashing wildly to emphasise that he is not getting out.

Of course sometimes he does desist and let us eat his food: usually when the piece of toast has been well and truly sucked. Nice!