Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's international blogging day!

It is international blogging day! And I am supposed to refer you to five other blogs worth visiting.

I can't claim to be pushing the boundaries of journalism in any sense of the word, but there are are an enormous number of blogs out there that are even less coherent or focussed than this one. But there are also a few gems.

All that comes with it
I've been reading this blog for a few months. It brings a smile to my face and the photography is often good too. Something I need to work harder on. Maybe I deserve a new camera. Hmmmm....

Mothering In America (formerly Pregnant in America)
This is the blog that got me into blogging! Its author is overtly political but also very frank about her family life. (More frank than I, that's for sure.) She regularly used it to complain about her husband while pregnant! But then also had a lot of interesting views and was frank about herself and her own problems. Unfortunately she hasn't posted for a few months. Shame.

But she kept blogging a lot longer than many. It amazes me how many "one post" blogs there are on Blogger.

Andrew Cox
One of the reasons I like this blog is that the blogger is a fellow father who started blogging during the pregnancy and has carried it on as his son has grown. It's just fascinating to see how his experience compares to my own, especially as I am a few months ahead. Hayley and I dressed Oliver in a Manchester United kit at only 5 months. This chap recently blogged his son in a baseball kit.

So much for family blogs. What else is out there?

Attitude of Gratitude
There are many blogs out there that try to stress the positive things in life. It's one of many blogger stereotypes, swamped though they may be by that of the rambling diarist. This is a record of daily gratitude from a recovering alcoholic who also demonstrates a level of self-understanding that most of us never even glimpse.

Where in the world is Peace Bear
Occasionally I will click the "Next blog" button on Blogger until something catches my eye. Today I came across this. Echoes of Amelie: it made me chuckle.


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for visiting blogazeen. It's not really a dead link. Well, I'm holding onto it until I have time to work on it which probably won't be until the cold weather comes. As it is, I have barely enough time to blog anything meaningful on my regular personal blog. Happy blogging day!!

Dan said...

I removed the last post because I was talking rubbish. What I meant to say was:

Thanks for the link, I was wondering who the visitor from Manchester who kept showing up on my stats page was.

My photography is mainly down to the camera, much as I'd like to claim otherwise: its a Canon 350D and I highly recommend it. I also got a few tips from my wife who does a bit of wedding photography on the side now and again.

I orioginally thought I'd never seen your site before, then I realised I had, I'd just lost contact with it. I'll be checking back more often now

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