Thursday, June 28, 2007

How could you?!

In exactly a week's time I will be in mid-air, flying to Barcelona. I'm going to help my Dad sail his boat from Barcelona to the little port of Sant Elmo on Majorca. It's a 20 hour crossing so having 2 of us (or possibly 3 if all goes to plan) will make it a lot easier. I'll be away for 5 days.

So what does Hayley think about this?

To many people's surprise she is very supportive. We've planned for months that I would do this, although the date has slipped to later in the pregnancy than we had expected. It's unlikely she will go into labour while I am away, but we've made provision for that eventuality. And I've tried to prepare myself for the possibility that I might just miss the birth (and quite possibly never be allowed to forget it!).

The trip is a chance to spend a bit of time with my Dad and help him complete a journey that has covered two summers and seen him sail, solo and with various assistants, from north Wales to the Atlantic coast of France, across France's canals (sans mast) and now finally along the Mediterranean coasts of France and Spain before the crossing to Majorca.

So there could be another brief gap in my blogging next weekend. But I promise to come back and report on just how hard it was sailing on the Med. I'll understand if you keep your sympathy on ice.