Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You speak toddler?

Yesterday I witnessed a scene both funny and heart-warming. Oliver was talking to Hayley. His diction is pretty good for a 21 month old, but there are times when he says something and we just don't know what it is. Yesterday was one such occasion.

Oliver: "Show-er"
Hayley: "Shower?"
Oliver: "No. Trow-er."
Hayley: "Controller? Fat Controller?"
Oliver: "No!"
This carried on for about 30 seconds until...
Oliver: (Looking at Daddy too.) "Strow-er! Strow-er!"
Hayley: "Stroller?"
Oliver then shouted "Yes!!!" and jumped in the air with a smile on his face! It wasn't like he was a baby or toddler, more like an adult speaking a foreign language who had finally made the dopey English people understand him.