Monday, April 21, 2008

Is it or isn't it?

About 3 weeks ago Lucy and Oliver spent a happy afternoon at a friends's house hunting easter eggs. One of Oliver's friends who was there that day later turned out to have Chicken Pox. As the incubation period of Chicken Pox is 14-24 days we have been waiting and wondering.

Today, exactly 24 days after that Easter date, Lucy is showing signs of the spots coming through. It doesn't yet have the appearance of Chicken Pox to the layman, but as we know what we are looking for and looking closely, I think we are now resigned to the fact that Chicken Pox it is! No signs at all with Oliver, but he is now likely to have it as he has been exposed to Lucy for the last 3 weeks.

Of course, it's not all bad news. It's better to get it as a child than an adult. Indeed, a couple of Mums have been consideriong bringing their toddlers round in the hope of getting it over with. The trouble for me is that I am not sure whether I had it as a child. Hayley has been texting my Mum all day but can't get a response. You see it's much worse to get it as an adult. So tomorrow I may be off to the doctors to see what steps I can take to avoid it, assuming I'm not already too late. Apparently there is a vaccine.

On top of that, Hayley's knee isn't healing as well as it should. It's hardly surprising given she has two small children all day. So I have now managed to book every afternoon off this week to give her a lift and minimise her workload. Oliver is in Nursery 2 mornings so afternoons should be the biggest help. Today I took him to a new music class, Rhythm-time, before going on to Bruntwood Park with some of his friends and their Mums. While there I was amused to find myself standing next to someone who was at the fancy dress party the other weekend. To her embarrassment she didn't recognise me at all without my outfit.

Oliver had a great time at the park, after which we went to the cafe for tea and an ice-cream. Later, his lack of a nap through the day took its toll as he got whingey and then cried over little or nothing. At one point he threw Big Julien on the floor then asked for him. When I pointed out to him that he only had to move about 12 inches to reach him for himself, there were floods of tears. Then after dinner he was fine again. I know that when I am hungry and tired I am a nightmare, so all in all I don't think he was too bad!

In fact Oliver has been really good for the last few days, a little star. We have been working hard on getting our parenting in order - with a couple of new books thrown in for good measure - and slowly but surely I think all three of us are finding our way.

Of course Lucy is a different kettle of fish again. She is still the most adorable little baby in the world and hardly ever any bother at all. She does protest loudly at getting dressed and undressed, but that's about it. I feel rotten for her if she is getting Chicken Pox. She is such an innocent little mite.