Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tie me kangaroo down sport

One of the nice things about Oliver's much-loved Wiggles DVD is that it includes some guest appearances. Surreally these include one by Tim Finn (formerly of Crowded House) performing "Six months in a leaky boat" especcially for Captain Feather-Sword. But favourite amongst these cameos for me is that of Rolf Harris performing a (slightly cut-down) version of his 1960s hit "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport".

I remember this song clearly from my own childhood so I have the most fun jumping around the living room kangaroo-fashion with Oliver as we sing along to it.

Tonight after I put him to bed I sat down as I often do, next to his cot with my face inches from his own the other side of his cot's bars. Usually he just snuggles there quietly as I talk to him and say goodnight, but tonight as I whispered my goodnights to him, he unprompted launched into Time Me Kangaroo Down Sport. Well, what could I do but join in. As I left him after our performance I told him to sing it to Julien to send him to sleep. Sure enough, moments after I left the room, the familiar refrain could be heard coming through his bedroom door.