Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mummy's little helper

Today at HMEC's children's Carol Service, Oliver decided to take responsibility for Lucy.

When Hayley sat on a chair with her childminding child on one knee and Lucy on the other, Oliver said "Put Lucy in my lap Mummy". So Oliver sat on a chair next to his Mummy with his sister on his lap.

Lucy sat then there but inevitably decided to get down after a while, despite Oliver's best efforts to keep hold of her. When she did escape, Oliver called after her, "Lucy, come back here and sit down", before having to go and retrieve her. It's not surprising he couldn't keep her under control, as Lucy's chosen mission today was to steal as many other people's Oreo biscuits as possible.


Dan said...

To be fair, oreo's are very tempting to steal

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