Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There can be few things in life more satisfying and good for the soul than having a good laugh. And as a parent, hearing your child's laughter is priceless. Here are a few examples of how I've been soliciting chuckles from my children lately.

Last night, as Oliver sat on his bed next to me I picked up his chosen bedtime reading, "Going on a Bear Hunt". As he took a drink from his night-time sippy cup, I deliberately mis-read the title aloud: "Going on a Beer Hunt". This so amused him that he involuntarily spat his water out leaving him coughing, spluttering and chuckling.

Later, we indulged in a regular bedtime ritual. When it's time for him to get into bed, he lies across his bed on top of his quilt saying "Is this how we get into bed?" I then say "Errrrrrrmmmmm, no" and tickle him. We repeat this several times for several alternative positions sprawled across his bed.

Lucy on the other hand loves to be chased. As soon as I tell her it's time to change her nappy, she chuckles, turns on her heels and runs away from me laughing. She will then hide wherever possible, under tables or behind furniture if necessary. The other time she runs away is if I want to give her a kiss goodbye in the morning. Both of them were playing that game this morning. Oliver then insists on wiping my kiss from his cheek, which allows me to start the chase again, much to his amusement.

Lucy also enjoys teasing me with her food. Most recently she offered me ice-cream then took it away and ate it herself when I went to eat it, leaving me with an expression of mock horror and Lucy chuckling away with a mouthful of ice-cream.

Finally, last night I found a new way to make Oliver laugh so hard he falls silent and has to catch his breath. I picked up his pyjama shorts and put them on my head "for safekeeping" while he was on the loo. Then after a few moments I pretended that I had forgotten where they were. Every time he pointed to my head I looked behind me at the wall or ceiling. Then when he said they were on my head I pretended to try to look at the top of my own head, ducking and weaving down towards the floor until I finally picked them off. I may only have a small audience for my comedy antics, but it certainly is an appreciative one.


James (SeattleDad) said...

Great post. I just love that feeling of getting to act stupid and having someone totally buy into it.

BTW, Bear Hunt is a recent addition for us and Lukas loves it too.

Steve said...

James, I couldn't agree more. I enjoyed your "With sprinkles on top" post by the way.

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