Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morning highlights

Saturday morning is a time I usually take the kids out leaving Hayley some free time. This morning I took them to Tesco for breakfast. On the way Oliver requested "his" CD, which is actually one of Hayley's "Best of the Eighties" collections. He sang "Walking on Sunshine" with such gusto and with a strong northern accent on the word "sun". So cute. (I have to catch him on video sometime!)

Next we visited Borders for some more books before heading off to Anchors Away, an indoor playground (previously known as Whalearound) which has been resurrected under a new owner after going into administration a few months ago.

Oliver made friends with two girls, both older than him, and spent most of his time running around the main "ship" area. Meanwhile Lucy decided to do some building. She managed to build towers significantly taller than herself by standing on other soft-play objects.


Of course she also ventured freely into the area that is nominally for 4-years-old and upwards and had no problem getting around any of it, though I always either watched her or went in with her.

Before both kids headed off to a party this afternoon with Mummy, Lucy came to the local shops with me to post a letter, bringing along her small red pushchair with one of her dolls in it. Just the cutest.