Sunday, April 17, 2005

"How are you feeling, It's a beautiful morning"

I couldn't let this weekend pass without commenting on what a fabulous Sunday morning I had. It was the sort of morning that us 9-to-5'ers can spend months living for.

Up at 8.30 and by 9.30 I was on my bike in Marple Bridge. I did a 12 mile ride (1800 feet of climbing) which was a bit challenging (mostly due to the previous evening's dodgy tummy!) but was blessed with sunshine the whole way round and took me along some fabulous trails which I have never come across before, despite having ridden that area for years.

Meanwhile Hayley was treating herself to breakfast at "The Orangery" in Heaton Moor, a trendy little eatery situated a 30 minute walk from home: just enough to justify that full English!

By the time I got home I was just in time for Hayley to serve me up a superb brunch of fried egg (over easy) and mushrooms on a very fresh bread roll. (What a gem she is!) The taste of it after a morning's exertion was second to none.

It just felt so good to be alive today.