Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Kick Inside

Tonight we reached a memorable milestone in any pregnancy. For the first time I felt the baby kick!

Hayley has been feeling stronger and stronger kicks over the last couple of weeks and tonight she felt it from the outside with her hand on her tummy. I placed my hand there and sure enough within a few seconds I felt a movement that was quickly confirmed as a kick by the look of excitement that immediately spread across Hayley's face.

It seems quite early to be feeling kicks from the outside. But then again she felt them on the inside quite early too.

She seemed to feel a bit unnerved by the strength of them tonight which I find entirely understandable. It must be a weird feeling to realise there is another person floating about inside you, regardless of the fact that you've known that was the deal all along. Particularly so when something like Beckham's right foot seems to be putting the boot in.