Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Papa

Yesterday a new Pope was chosen. I heard this poem (on BBC Radio 2) which considers the new situation facing this different kind of Papa.


Papa never married.

Then, near his eightieth year,
Millions of children claimed him
As their own;

Needing him to hold each hand.
Lead each to the Promised Land.
Show each the way
To the Eternal Throne.

Papa, (as many dads before),
Knows that he cannot be wrong,
Knows that they hear his word as Law.
Of course, the knowledge makes him strong.

Can you love them all the same?
Whatever they are? Whatever they do?
Can you allow them to leave, one day,
And make their way, not asking you?

Hard to be an ageing dad
To kids you never knew you had.

Bring them up Papa, any old way you can.
Such a tough job for a single man.

Lucy Berry