Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nocturnal chuckles

At 5.30am this morning Hayley and I were to be found at the end of Oliver's bed, laughing!

He occasionally wakes up in the night and wants his favourite soother, a knitted teddy called Julien. This morning, as usual, I gave him Julien. He usually grabs him, wrestles him, possibly bites him and then falls asleep with him on his face.

This morning he did the same but as he wrestled him he wriggled and rolled around to lie diagonally across his cot. By the time he fell asleep he had rolled onto his left side with his legs up in the air against the side-bars of the cot, still holding Julien to his face.

He looked so funny that I called Hayley in to look. We both stood there trying not to laugh in the dark. I'm only sorry we didn't dare take a picture of him to post here.