Friday, September 01, 2006

Back at square one

Last Friday our solicitor informed us that our buyer has withdrawn from the purchase of our house. This was the most infuriating and disappointing news we could receive.

Allegedly our buyer’s buyer has withdrawn from her sale. I can’t say I’m surprised in a way if that’s true. Our buyer casually took six weeks to get her survey done and get a decision to us as a result of it. This was despite her buyer wanting to move quickly.

To compound the problems our vendor has not provided any paperwork to us whatsoever even though it is weeks since we confirmed our offer after having our survey done.

Despite attempts to resurrect the sale of our house to our buyer by moving into temporary accommodation – which we were always willing to do if necessary – she has failed to respond to all attempts to contact her from ourselves and our estate agent. So we suspect there’s something more going on. However, she appears to be out of the picture for good.

So the house is back on the market. And at an asking price reduced by £5000 to get a quick sale. We’ve had a few people to see it already and one couple said they would make an offer, only to then make an offer on a different house!

It’s so frustrating. We have now had every survey and search done on the house we are trying to buy and yet all that expenditure – pushing £1000! – will be for nothing if we can’t find a buyer soon and the vendor doesn’t wait for us.

Anyone want to buy a house?


Dan said...

There is nothing on this earth more stressful than buying a house. We had a horrific time when we moved a couple of years ago and swore blind we would never do it again.

Here's hoping you find another buyer.

Reservoir Mog said...

just give me the nod, and I'll send the cats round to those people giving you grief ... and the dog as well :)

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