Friday, December 01, 2006

Babysitting for the brave

Tonight Hayley and about 20 fellow Mums from the area have gone out for a meal which Hayley arranged. Our friend Jo couldn't get a babysitter so yours truly volunteered to have her daughter, Niamh, round here.

Now, Niamh has the ability to refuse to go to bed for hours, but Jo assured me she is always as good as gold at other people's houses. Well, Hayley and Jo left about 90 minutes ago and so far both Oliver and Niamh have been as quiet as mice!

I kind of have to pinch myself that I am doing this. I must admit I feel I've come a long way to feel confident enough to take on babysitting two infants who have both been playing up at bedtime recently. Maybe I'll need a rethink if they both wake up crying in the next hour. We'll see...

Oliver knows Niamh well and they get on so well together. Tonight while Hayley and Jo beautified themselves upstairs before going out, I hald the fort downstairs playing with the two toddlers. They play well together and would occasionally lean over and give each other a kiss. Honestly they are like a couple of love birds!

Niamh plays by herself better than Oliver and spent time pushing around walkers while Oliver did the thing I love the most at the moment. He goes to the coffee table, chooses a book, brings it back to me and sits in my lap while we read it together. When we have finished it he gives himself a clap for reading it all the way through before taking it back to the table and choosing another one. It's just the sweetest way to spend the last half an hour or so before bathtime.

Bathtime tonight involved Oliver and Niamh sitting in the bath splashing wildly and laughing at each other's performance. I sat next to the bath watching over them, getting slowly soaked.... and loving every minute.