Saturday, December 02, 2006

We are finally moving!

We are moving house this Thursday 7th December! It's only been a journey of six months, three buyers and numerous obstacles along the way.

I have sent out emails to lots of people telling them our new address and no doubt Hayley will soon be doing the same. If you think you've been missed, email us or leave a comment. In any case, any mail addressed to us at our current home will be redirected to our new home for some time after we move, courtesy of Royal Mail.

This afternoon I've been treking back and forth to the tip getting rid of stuff we don't want to move only to throw away. Before that I spent ages on the phone to utility companies informing them of our move, listening to those awful recorded messages and muzak while sitting in queues to speak to operators... whose computers then malfunctioned. Is it any wonder we'll be glad when it's all over!

On a brighter note, we might be getting a piano. A friend of ours has one that belonged to her Mum who sadly passed away recently. She would like it to go to a home where it will be played and appreciated and she would only like a token amount for it. It's very generous of her and we are thrilled as we had already discussed getting a piano for the new house, but it probably would have had to wait a long time given the fact that the new house will mean a new financially tighter regime.