Friday, December 22, 2006

Top 3 phrases

In the words of the late great Alan "Fluff" Freeman, "OK pop pickers", here's the run-down of the top phrases in our home at the moment.

Mummy and Daddy say...

1. "He's such a good little boy."
We seem to say this a lot. Every child has headstrong moments, I'd be worried if he didn't, but generally his temperament and sociability are just lovely.

2. "Oh you're just gorgeous!"
Usually heard as Mummy or Daddy pick him up because i) he wants to be picked up and ii) Mummy or Daddy want to cuddle him. A happy union!

3. "No."
Said in a slow drawn out fashion, this is heard mostly as he hangs his cup/bowl/yoghurt over the side of his high-chair threatening to drop the said item. He then reapeats our "No" in the same fashion back to us. What a great game. But at least nowadays he usually doesn't drop it.

Oliver says...

1. "Bye bye".
He says this to everyone at the moment and waves at the same time. Last night we spent a long time playing with him, going in and out of the room saying hello and bye bye. He waves to people in the street and even waves to the Teletubbies when they say "bye bye" at the end of the programme.

2. "This!" (Pronounced "Dis!"). This is how Oliver points out what he wants to get hold of once I have agreed to pick him up. (He just walks up to me and stands there with his arms pointing up to me, waiting, patiently or otherwise.) He points and leans towards the object of his desire. Mostly at the moment he wants the Advent calendar as he knows it contains a ready supply of chocolate!

3. "Daddy"
He tends to say "Dada", but sometimes he looks at me and says "Daddy". Gets me every time.