Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My little bouncer


I spent several happy minutes last night with lucy in her tigger bouncer. She bounced vigorously and laughed each time she spun round, losing sight of me then seeing me again.

A few other little snippets about Lucy at the moment...

  • D is for... diamond. But also for demonstrative. And even a little demanding at times! She is starting to let us know her likes and dislikes. For example, no longer will she go quietly into her car seat and stay that way. Some car journeys are punctuated by her protests rom start to finish. She doesn't get very upset. It's more like a stream of protest, a bit like a miniature version of those protests that go on outside Huntingdon Life Sciences. Its probably baby-speak for "just you wait til I get outta this thing, why I'm gonna..."

  • She is not a great eater yet. She barely opens her mouth and spits most food back out. Some mealtimes she protests from the word go. But it's early days so there's no harm in her not taking much in beyond a taste. There are some things she will eat though. After refusing her main course yesterday evening with jaws clamped shut, she had no problem opening her mouth good and wide for ice cream.

  • Little Miss Fidget. Every night at about 4am Lucy wakes up and tries to get herself back to sleep. This involves her tossing and turning for up to half an hour. Hayley confesses that she takes after her in that regard. She, too, is a terrible nocturnal fidgeter. Lucy has outdone her though by adding in an idiosyncracy all of her own. Some nights she can be heard scratching the bed-sheet with her nails. Whatever gets you through the night....

  • Lucy has been babbling word-like sounds for some time now. "Da da da da..." and "Ma ma ma ma..." are not surprising things to hear at her age. But what is surprising is that seems to say "Ma ma" when she is distressed, as if calling for Hayley. It's too clear to dismiss, though I'm not 100% sure she knows what she's saying either. She certainly seems to be calling her Mummy.

  • Last night I sat and played a little drum with Lucy. She joined in quite happily. Then we moved on to a little keyboard. She treated that as percussion too. It's a start...

  • She has the most beautiful blue eyes I ever saw.

  • DSC00192