Monday, February 25, 2008

My little (sleeping) beauty

Last week I was reading a post that I wrote back when Oliver was a few weeks younger than Lucy is now. It said that he had brought his bedtime back of his own accord. I started to wonder whether Lucy was going to do the same.

This week, sure enough, as she has started to eat 3 meals a day on top of 4 bottles of milk, she has started to go get tired earlier and we have been able to put her down to sleep by 8.30pm for the last few nights. This is a major breakthrough as it means we have got some of our evening back. It does mean that on evenings when only one of us is home we could have two kids both wanting bottles and bed, but hey, I think it's a price worth paying.

Lucy has also started to develop another habit. Or rather it is more Hayley's habit. She hears Lucy wake around 6.00-6.30am and instead of leaving her to see if she goes back to sleep, she brings her into our bed for a cuddle, where Lucy then promptly nods off again for an extra hour (after smacking me in the face a few times, bless her). Not sure if this is a sensible or maintainable habit longterm, but it's certainly delightful for now.

AT some point soon Lucy will move into her own room. Oliver was in his room at 9 weeks, because he outgrew his Moses basket and his cot was too big for our room at our old house. This time Lucy has been able to stay in with us for the recommended 6 months. Of course 6 months is up now and Mummy and Daddy are having a bit of trouble persuading themselves to move her out. I'm not sure who we are more worried about: her being scared on her own or us missing her!