Saturday, February 02, 2008

We managed a night out!

Since Lucy was born Hayley and I haven't had a night out as a couple.... until tonight. Our two previous attempts failed because firstly Oliver was ill and then Hayley was ill. But tonight we were successful in our escape.

We played safe, going to our favourite Indian Restaurant and then to a couple of local pubs, Cassidy's and The Baker's. Cassidy's had a couple of guys playing country music on stage. To my amazement, Hayley was singing along to songs I had never heard before and saying "come on you must know this one...". And I thought that Dolly Parton album was a one-off.

It was great to get out and we had a really fun time. Hayley seemed to revert right back to the girl I met 5 years ago in a way she really can't do with the kids in tow. And for her part she said she hasn't seen me laugh so much in ages! We already knew we should get out more, but this certainly proved it.