Friday, April 25, 2008


  • Oliver went to a ballet class today. Our friend Claire took him and reported on her return that he was the most enthusiastic performer. He loves music and dance generally so I wasn't surprised. I think that will become a regular activity now.

  • Tomorrow is Hayley's birthday. Oliver chose the card he is giving to her. At first he was very keen on a Get Well Soon card, but thankfully he spotted a nice birthday card instead at the last minute.

  • This evening while Hayley got ready to go out with some friends, Oliver lead Lucy and I in some dance moves to accompany some "A-to-Z of the Eighties" music videos on VH-1. He shouted instructions and acted as lead choreographer. It's not easy touching your toes and then quickly reaching into the air when you have an 8 month old child perched on your right arm.

  • Lucy so likes sitting on my right arm as I wander around the house, that I have taken to calling her my little bird. The way she sits there, coupled with those beady blue eyes of hers, reminds me of nothing so much as a little bird on a branch.

  • This week I have taken every afternoon off to help Hayley rest and recover from her knee operation. Fingers crossed, it seems to have paid some benefits and her knee has a lot more movement than before the operation. A couple of times this week in the afternoons she managed to get Lucy to nap with her on our bed while Oliver and I went out to the park or elsewhere. This afternoon she went to do the same but after 10 minutes came back down and insisted we switch: she sitting reading with Oliver and me taking the nap with Lucy. After some hesitation I was persuaded and lay down beside the sleeping beauty. It's the first time since she was a very small baby I have done that and I know these opportunities will be rare, so it was a real treat to fall asleep next to her adorable little face.

  • Lucy currently love to take my glasses of my face. She then either drops them or tries to put them back. She also spends a lot of time waving to people, or even to no-one in particular. She does it by just holding her hand up and bending her fingers. It looks the cutest thing.

  • Today being Friday, we had fish, chips and mushy peas for dinner. This was also true for Lucy who has it all pureed together and loves it.

  • Yesterday afternoon when Hayley went to hospital to have the stiches removed from her knee, I took Oliver and Lucy to the park. It was surprisingly quiet for such a nice day and at one point I had both my children next to each other in the two "baby" swings. As they swung back and forth I sat in the floor between them leaning first towards Oliver as he passed and shouting "boo" and then to Lucy and doing the same. They were both laughing. A priceless moment.