Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back on our bikes


This afternoon I fitted the new seat to my bike. Oliver has pretty much outgrown the Wee-Ride carrier but Lucy is now big enough to enjoy it (pictured above). So this afternoon we all took a spin to the park and a little beyond. Lucy protested every time Hayley stopped. Oliver shriekd with delight on his first trip down the road as well as playing the drums on my back occasionally and shouting "again!" every time I went over a speed bump.

Meanwhile we have bought an exercise bike. It's not always easy to get a babysitter or to slip out for a spin, so our stationary cycle gives us the opportunity to exercise at home. It is quite snazzy machine with many of the programmes we are used to using in the gym (way back when we could afford a membership!). Hayley has already taken to it eagerly and seems to be adopting a policy of only watching Eastenders while enduring a cardio workout programme on our new toy.

So far the only hazards are that Oliver wants to climb onto it which is far too dangerous and that Lucy occasionally crawls across the room and under the path of the pedals, bringing exercise to a temporary halt. However, the bike's permanent home will be in the corner of our bedroom, so hopefully it will be less prone to attck in there.