Monday, May 26, 2008

Lucy's latest


The little lady is growing into a beautiful and sweet little girl before our very eyes. And she is only 9 months old! Here are a few of her current characteristics.

She is an essentially quiet, placid and happy little girl except in two notable situations. Firstly, whenever she is required to get dressed or undressed she screams like she is watching a Takashi Shimizu movie. She also wails if she is not supplied with successive mouthfuls of food at the required rate, which has been known to hit a peak of around one mouthful every 3 seconds. But in both these situations she is not upset so much as demonstrative and she can be laughing seconds later.

Talking of mealtimes, this evening Hayley indulged her with mock surprise and indignation (as if you can be indignant whilst simultaneously having a huge grin on your face) every time Lucy threw her sippy cup of water on the floor. Lucy chuckled madly at Hayley's high-pitched protestations. I know it's right up there in the "don'ts" of good parenting, but it really was cute and quite lovely to see my two girls having such fun.

Lucy's crawling is now quite quick. She is still using the "one knee and one foot" method. Unfortunately she does sometimes get herself under chairs and tables if she's not careful and then needs to be rescued.

Her chatter is quite entertaining. I'm sure she can't really speak in any way yet, but at dinner the other evening she repeated back "Hiya!" to Hayley twice in succession. It was uncanny. She has other favorite sounds. "Ah-Gee!", which is a bit like the "Ah-Choo" of a mock sneeze in its intonation. She does this so often that Oliver often uses it as his opening attempt to engage her in conversation.

Other times she just grunts. I'm smiling as I type this because it is quite a dismissive sounding grunt and reflects the slightly superior attitude she sometimes appears to adopt. I picked her up this evening and carried her into the kitchen to watch Hayley cooking dinner. She sat there quite unsmiling on my arm looking down at her Mummy as if the re-incarnation of Fanny Craddock.

Lucy's favourite game at the moment is to take things out of a container and put them back in. This evening for the first time Hayley got her to put the little plastic cubes into the little giraffe tower that plays a tune when you do so (hard to explain, I'll get a picture later). She also loves to take the shapes out of her "cookie jar" shape sorter and put them back in.

Her other favourite activity is rolling balls across the room. I give her the toy which involves rolling balls down a helter-skelter, but within seconds she has found the more entertaining game of rolling them across the length of the living room and under the table, from where Mummy or Daddy must try to retrieve them. Throwing the plastic lid of the cookie jar toy so it spins on the hard floor was also discovered today. A noisy but pleasing pursuit.

Dare I say it, but the little lady also continues to sleep well and to go to sleep well. This evening she went to bed wide awake but didn't complain. We could hear via the monitor that she was turning over, trying to get comfortable and she even said something to Hayley when she went in to see her after a few minutes. But when Hayley left she was quiet again until she fell asleep. She is a little angel. I wish I knew what we'd done to deserve her! I do think we are in for some disturbed sleep soon though, as she still has no teeth that have come through, so surely she will be teething fairly soon.

One particular fabourite trick of hers right now is to steal my glasses. I don't help things by saying "Hey...!" in mock disapproval, which only makes her laugh and do it again. Although, she does also try to put them back on me sometimes.

And yet, none of this really adequately conveys the little lady at 9 months old. I can only say that she is essentially a very happy, smiley little girl who also brings a big smile to the faces of her brother, her Mummy and her Daddy every single day.


Dana said...

What a cutie she is. From the way you describe her relationship with Hayley, the two sound like the female counterparts of my two young boys. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading more of your daughters' adventures.


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