Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Silent Night

On her first night in her own room, Lucy slept soundly all night. And when she woke, we could hear her moving on the monitor, no doubt raising her head to look around. But rather than letting out a cry when she couldn't see us, she just made her usual morning "waking up" sounds and even nodded off for a few minutes. All in all a great success.

Of course, I wouldn't like you to imagine this meant we slept soundly ourselves. As well as getting up occasionally to check that she wasn't too hot or cold (with the window open as it was 23 Celcius when she went to bed but much colder later), Oliver also woke twice, a little upset and needing re-assurance before going back to sleep.

Even so, a great start. And it means we can do wild things in our bedroom now.... like read in bed and watch TV!