Monday, June 16, 2008


  • We have modified Oliver's bedtime routine now so that he cleans his teeth last before going to bed. That way his bedtime milk can't rot his teeth. Having said that, he is losing interest in his bedtime milk. Perhaps it is the change in routine, sitting in the light room to drink it, or just the change of container.

  • The little lady is getting about at high speed now, crawling, still somewhat crab-like, from room to room.

  • Oliver is as chatty as ever. Often he will babble on while we try to talk to someone, occasionally repeating whatever he hears said. Other times he is quite the conversationalist. The other day Hayley had a friend round with her daughter who was dressed in a nice new dress. Much to everyone's surprise Oliver suddenly piped up "Oh, that's a nice dress. Where did you get it?"

  • At night, Lucy's sleeping position is characterised by her either holding the edge of her mattress with her hand or putting her arm right down the side. She also likes to cuddle up to Big Lucien bunny.

  • Lucy seems to love music as much as Oliver. They went to a party on Saturday and as soon as the clown put some music on, Lucy was bobbing about where she sat on the grass. Tonight I put some nursery rhymes on and she did the same. She also clapped along to "If you're happy and you know it". And if I ever give her the shakers from the musical box she will shake them both, one in each hand, and bang the drum with them with notable enthusiasm.

  • Oliver never used to be particularly cuddly, but in recent times he has become noticably more affectionate... and not only when he wants something from us! Hayley's latest game with him is to have the following conversation at bedtime:
    Mummy: I love you.
    Oliver: I love you.
    Mummy: I love you more.
    Oliver: I love YOU more.
    Mummy: No, I love YOU more.
    Oliver: I love YOU more.
    Mummy: OK, you love me more.
    Oliver: No! I love ME more.
    Mummy: OK, you love you more. Night night.
    Oliver: Night night.