Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What happened next: the answer


The answer to the question in my previous post was Option c) He attempted the next step, then continued manfully to the top, completely ignoring his anxious Dad.

I wasn't entirely surprised though. He had amazed me with his daring only moments before. There are three ways to access the slide in the photo above. The easiest is a ramp with wooden slats across for footholds. He scaled this easily and repeatedly as he played with his friend Cara.

Then as I chatted to Cara's Mum, I suddenly noticed out of the corner of my eye, Oliver appearing at the top of the second way to access the slide, a cargo net made of chains and inclined at around 30 degrees from the vertical. I was amazed that he attempted it, let alone conquered it. By the time I dashed over to him he was up!

Finally he took the third route, pictured above. Having taken the photo I shot over to him again to make sure hs didn't fall and implored him to be careful. He proceeded wordlessly to the top as if I weren't there. I was amazed and proud in equal measure.