Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big boy pants

Oliver has been showing more signs of being ready to leave behind the world of nappies. He asked yesterday to wear underpants ("big boy pants") instead of a nappy. He then went about 7 hours completely dry. We asked him frequently if he wanted to do a wee or poo but he always declined. Eventually he had a little accident!

He has occasionally told us he needs the loo in the past, usually with no apparent need once he gets there. But memorably he once told our friend Clare he needed a poo, she didn't act immediately and when she found he had pooed shortly afterwards he said "I told you I needed a poo"!

Boys are allegedly harder to potty train. I certainly think oliver hasn't seen any point to our suggestion of giving up nappies until now, despite us selling the benefits of no nappy changes and being a big boy, pointing out his friends who are potty trained. But this time he seems keen to wear underpants, picking out his pair for the day, so maybe he'll complete the transition.