Sunday, November 30, 2008

Officially a big boy

Hayley and I have a joke about how fast the kids are growing up. To slow down their inevitable transformation from cuddly little darlings to willful nest-fleers, Hayley re-defined the ages of growing up.

"Baby": 0 - 5 years
"Toddler": 6 - 17 years
"Boy"/"Girl": 18 - 39
"Man"/"Woman": 40+

Of course we want them to happily flee the nest one day and be independent, but not too fast. I live with the re-assurance that nature invented teenagers to help parents make the transition from "Please don't go..." to "The University of Eastern Siberia looks nice...".

In my mind I've recognised Oliver as a little boy rather than a toddler for some considerable time. The only remnant has been his wearing of nappies. So for me his transition which started a couple of weeks ago to a nappy-free world signifies a good-bye to the last vestiges of toddlerdom.

The little man has made the transition at his own request and has done so remarkably easily. There has hardly been a mishap since the first day or so. I guess that's the up-side of not pushing him and waiting til he's ready.

So now Oliver is officially a big boy in his "big boy pants". And very proud he is too.