Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucy loves...

At 15 months old Lucy loves...

Dancing. She has the cutest little wiggle, as already witnessed back on the Folk Train. She dances at the drop of a hat. Recently at Green Lane playgroup she unilaterally marched off for song-time entirely carefree as to whether her Mummy was coming along or not. She knew this was her favourite bit of the morning with song, dance and musical instruments to bang.

Merry Go Rounds. Lucy thoroughly enjoyed riding on the merry-go=round in the town centre. She's the one you can hear shrieking and laughing with delight in this clip.

Doing things her own thing. The little lady is very independent. She goes off on her own at playgroup and is often content to play alone. She also feeds herself with a spoon, refusing assistance until those tricky last bits that can be hard to get (though often her bare hands are employed at that point). And corn on the cob holds no fear for her either.

Playing with her friends. Of course she also like to play with her friiends, especially the Hayley's current minded child who is a similar age. She is always delighted to see her arrive, shouting her name (of sorts), even hugging and kissing her.

Doing things with her brother. Lucy loves to do things with Oliver. She really loves to join in with him. SHe worships her brother and he loves her back. Often he'd prefer to play with his cars or dinosaurs or whatever by himself, but she can be insistent in wanting to join in. Other times she just wanst to steal whetever he's playing with and run off. This sort of relationship makes her remind me of my own sister who is a similar number of months younger than me to the gap between Lucy and Oliver. Here she is watching a Bob The Builder DVD with him.

Screaming! Lucy has recently decided that screaming at the top of her lungs might be the best strategy to get her own way. Woe betide the person who tells Lucy "No"! The other day when I was ill in bed with a banging headache I heard her scream with little let-up for 20 minutes. And I really mean scream!!!

Cuddles in the morning. In contrast to the previously described screaming monster, she can be the cuddliest cutest little doll when she gets up in the morning. She will snuggle into me on the bed while sitting warm in her bag, giving us hugs and kisses.

Teletubbies. As she wakes before Oliver at around 6.20ish recently, we have started to let her to sit in the bed with us watching Teletubbies (which is on at that time on BBC2). She seems to really like it. In the Night Garden has also caught her eye too. I sometimes watch that on the BBC iPlayer with her early in the morning if I am trying to let Hayley sleep in a little longer.

Throwing things (on the floor). SAdly she still thinks throwing things, especially food onto the floor, walls and curtains, is pretty much required behaviour. She knows its wrong, but will she stop it? Of course not. Where's the fun in that!

Helping with the washing. She likes to get the wet clothes out of the washing machine and transfer them to the tumble dryer. She is so enthusiastic that she recently she transferred nearly all the washing while Daddy limited himself to retrieving the "No tumble-dry" items. She's even quite thorough when checking we've got it all.

Milk! Whenever she can't think of anything else to ask for, she will ask for milk, making the baby-sign for it.

Eating. Despite a recent tendency to reject healthy foods and demand if at all possible something fatty, she does generally eat well and certainly isn't at all underweight.

Stealing Daddy's glasses. I have taken to wearing my contact lenses as much as possible because not only does she have fast hands and takes my glasses in an instant, but often she will throw them on the floor, sometimes laughing for good measure.

Laughing. She has the funniest little put-on, forced chuckle. It's a bit like that of Oliver's friend Jack, who co-incidentally is one of her favourite people.

Being carried around. Lucy can often be found standing on my feet in the kitchen, hanging onto my knees, looking up at me imploringly and starting to whine. This is her way of asking to be picked up. She would happily be carried around for hours at a time if we let her.

Using the phone. I guess she sees Hayley use the phone quite a bit. (Less so me as I'm out at work all day and anyway I don't yabber on half as much as my darling fiancee.) She will often pretend to be on the phone with toy phones. But if at all possible she prefers to use our real phones. I am mighty careful not to let her get mine. Hayley seems to have more faith in her not to throw it against the wall. I'm not sure why.

Kicking back... Lucy can sometimes be a very laid back little girl, such as when she decides to stop whatever she is doing and lie on her back on the floor. It doesn't matter whether she is under our feet in the kitchen or on the bathroom floor. She pays no attention to what is going on and lies right on down. It's as if she thinks she rules the place. Hmmmm...  


Anonymous said...

Your little girl seems like she has a lot of character. Wait until she becomes a teenager =-D ... but she's lucky she has a patient mommy and daddy.

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