Monday, March 23, 2009

BBC NEWS | Education | Parents feel excluded by children

BBC NEWS | Education | Parents feel excluded by children

The other day I had a conversation with Oliver that went something like this.

Me: "What did you do at nursery today?"
Oliver: "Nothing."
"Who did you see?"
"OK. What did you have for lunch?"
"Well where did you go with Mummy after nursery?"
"So you did nothing, saw nobody and went nowhere."

Of course he had a full day as always, but so often it's hard to get answers. And when you do they can be fabrications.

However, Hayley and I have happened on another great way to find out what Oliver does at nursery. This weekend he has taken to pretending to be his teacher and treating us as his pupils. The result is that we are finding out more about his days now than we have in the whole of the last term!

Yesterday I did songtime and he read me a story before announcing that it was time to watch Teletubbies on the big telly. (And there was I thinking that nursery was the one place he wouldn't be watching more TV!)

Today he made Hayley the VIP, which means she gets to ring the bell when it's tidy-up time and ride in the lift instead of walking downstairs amongst other things. I'm feeling lucky. I think it might be my turn tomorrow.