Monday, March 23, 2009

Big boy gel


Last week Oliver got his hair cut at our local salon. (Too expensive for me and Hayley but the little man likes it there!)

At the conclusion of the cutting, the hairdresser asked Oliver whether he wanted any "big boy gel" on his hair. He agreed. Hayley then took the above photo to send to me.

Obviously I think the little man looks adorable.

But I'm not sure about the gel. I mean I'm not sure whether a 3-year-old needs gel or should be hooked into the trappings of an overly image-obseesed world. I am adamant that I want his self-esteem to come from the person inside, not the appearance outside, but am I being out-of-touch and missing the point in thinking hair products are a bad idea?

I should add I use the odd dab of "product" myself, but only started to do so in adulthood.

I don't have a clear answer, but I suspect he can have both the hair gel and the self-esteem as entirely independent facets of his life and I'm just an old fuddy duddy trying to keep up with the times!


Anonymous said...

Gel or no gel, kids will find ways to "decorate" themselves. Unlike adults, they are not shy about being creative with their appearance. Hence, the kids who will color themselves with markers, or wear dad's hats and shoes, or choose mismatched clothing to wear (if they are allowed).

Our son (21-months-old) loves when we brush his hair into a faux-hawk while he's in the bath, then let it dry for the next day. The gel can just be a fun time-to-time sort of thing, not necessary but still fun!

Steve said...

Mrs LIAYF, I think you're right. I guess I know there are "places" I don't want my kids to end up and sometimes I get a bit carried away making sure we aren't taking a road in that direction, even when there's a hundred miles of journey left.

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