Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Unexpected pleasures

Yesterday lunchtime I suddenly decided to pop home from work. I needed a couple of things and thought I'd take the chance to have a nice break from the office. Often Hayley doesn't go home on Monday lunchtimes, but driving home I got a text from her to say that she, Oliver, Lucy and her minded child were all having lunch outside Blue Corn (our local organic store). So I texted back to say I'd be there in 5 mins. I arrived to find cheese on toast had been ordered for me and the rest of my family were tucking onto theirs.

Oliver had ridden there from nursery on his Rothan bike and decided to ride around on the very wide pavement area while I ate. So I grabbed this bit of footage of him. I was so excited to see how confident he is on his bike now. I am growing more confident myself that he will transition to a bike with pedals without needing stabilisers (which is the whole point of the Rothan).

The whole experience was a little oasis of bliss in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable day at the office. I'm so glad I work so close to home and can do this sort of thing.