Monday, October 12, 2009

And she says I'm a softie


This morning there was a little more nip in the air and as Lucy's hats from last winter are mostly outgrown, Hayley decided to seek one out with her.

Despite the fact that we are in period of post-wedding fiscal belt-tightening, Hayley managed to justify to herself splashing out no less that 10 quid on this hat from Monsoon.

Of course were I to have taken Lucy out I'd have been as strict as strict can be and there would have been absolutely no chance of me coming home with not only the hat but any number of other Monsoon offerings in which my daughter would look just adorable. No, not a chance. I have will power you see. And just so long as I'm banned by my wife from taking my daughter into Monsoon for fear of financial meltdown, that's my story and I'll be sticking to it.



Jessi said...

Worth it!

Steve said...

Jessi, Definitely! Except it started to fray by the end of the day so I think she's taking it back for a replacement.

Alice said...

She looks adorable in the hat and matching coat. Such a sophisticated and classy look for such a cute lil' girl. ♥ Haley has good taste ;)

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