Friday, October 16, 2009

A is for Alcira

Last night Lucy woke at 4am crying. Hayley rushed in to her and, thinking it was more like 6am, she brought her into our bed. I retired to the spare room for the remainder of the available sleeping time, leaving plenty of room for my girls.

In the morning Hayley got a call from a friend, ALcira. She was checking everything was OK after we "called her at 4am last night". It seems Hayley's phonme was lost in the bedclothes with its keypad unlocked and someone rolled onto it initiating the call.

It called their landline so it woke the house. The silence that greeted them when they amswered the call made them think it was a call from Alcira's native south america.


We have now both issued grovelling apologies and promised them a nice bottle of wine.


Jessi said...

My daughter has called about everyone in my phone book using this method. I finally bought a phone that makes it a little harder, but it still happens from time to time.

Steve said...

At least fellow parents should hopefully understand. I got a call from a friend's 2 year old daughter the other day. Her Mum saw her playing with the phone (heard in the background asking her who she was calling) but didn't even realise she'd got through until I texted her later. Most amusing.

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