Friday, March 10, 2006

Home from hospital

This morning the consultant paediatrician saw Oliver and confirmed the junior doctor's diagnosis that the episode was caused by an allergic reaction after eating egg for the first time. She said that it had not been life-threatening but recomended that we should keep some Pyriton in the house in case he has a reaction to another type of food.

Apparently it is quite common for children of Oliver's age to react to eggs and it does not necessarily mean it will be a life-long condition. She recommended that we avoid food containing any egg whatsoever at least until he is a year old. After that we might want to start to try food with some egg content. In the meantime we will be sent an appointment with a dietician to discuss how to handle his revised diet.

Oliver, feeling much better this morning in his hospital cot (with Julien and Gerry the Giraffe)