Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Six months old today

Oliver at six months: still cute, still dribbling.

Oliver is six months old today.

I took the day off and spent it with Hayley and Oliver. After our trip to the swimming pool we visited another prospective nursery in the afternoon then popped into "Room 311" for a coffee.

Oliver was so happy all day. He smiles back at everyone who smiles at him and just seems to be a very happy little chap at the moment. (The only tiny exception is that he has started to grizzle a bit at bedtime again but hopefully we'll crack that.)

He can sit up now and play with toys without having to be held up which means we just have to keep an eye on him and not sit with him in order that he can sit and play.

I find myself listing all sorts of things on here, but perhaps what I should be mentioning is just how much I love him and love spending time with him. Today has been an absolute joy. He is adorable, so happy and I love him to bits.

Oliver enjoys a rice cake at "Room 311"