Sunday, March 19, 2006

Teething Troubles

Oliver in Wiltshire this morning with rosy cheeks.

Oliver is teething and not enjoying it much. His back teeth seem to be coming through first, which apparently is more painful.

He had a restless night last night and was very upset early this morning. His rosy cheeks and some small spots betray the fact that his first teeth are the source of his distress.

Hayley has applied some Calgel this morning. Hopefully it will ease his discomfort.


Dan said...

You'll find that people blame all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff on teething - runny bums, runny noses, runny eyes. Anything that's runny basically.

Reservoir Mog said...

has he bitten anyone's fingers through to the bone yet? or is he just shredding the furniture? Bonio biscuits are meant to be helpful at times like this... :)

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